Your Heart

I believe the heart is the power house of the whole body.
Anything you can successfully attain in your heart is already having a good percentage of feasibility, but once you don’t believe it down there in your heart it might be difficult to get it in your hands.

Hold hard first, in your heart what you would like to see become a reality in you, then wait and see the power of faith and persistence.
Luke 18:1-8
Good Evening…
Day 5 going…




…I understand too that life is full of complications and I know
also that going into any situation without divine help won’t be
wonderful at all, but still we’ve all gat to be strong all round.
I believe in faith, I believe in belief too but it’s a fact that is
opened to no debate that a life that is void of plan and preparation which is accompanied by our ‘PERSONAL WORK’
even though filled with ‘faith’ may go some steps, but not really
far as God expects.
As you have faith, put work.
Work hard this year.
That’s why I need you to plan big time, even against those things that won’t let us feel like doing so(planning).
Just plan. Prepare. Set goal. Think little of those plans you weren’t able to actualize last year, don’t let them prevent you from another life, let them be just a lesson you’ve learnt.
Trust God. And I say again, Work for your goals too.
The combination of faith and Work is cool, yea, cool
Good Afternoon…
Happy New Year…


Try First

“Do not be afraid. Do not be satisfied with mediocrity. Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”
__John Paul ll

The fear of taking action that will set us in the rightful place has gripped so many of us. We barely want to take great action that will change our life because of the fear of trier.
We, usually are so afraid of the possible result of the action that we have not even get to action. We are usually more of a ‘lazy in heart’ and ‘small in faith’ people.
Let’s stop mediocrity!
For each of us, God has placed in us that thing to become, just let’s be bold and take actions to our greatness.
When our faith is there, our success is higher.
Happy Sunday…
And Merry Christmas in advance…


Believe yourself, it's the first thing to do to get around your achievements
When you don't think you're worth been looked upon, trust me, you're long gone far away from you goals.
Think yourself as the best, it's a way of being the best eventually
Good Evening...
And Merry Christmas in Advance...


Be yourself

Believe yourself, it's the first thing to do to get around your achievements
When you don't think you're worth been looked upon, trust me, you're long gone far away from you goals.
Think yourself as the best, it's a way of being the best eventually
Good Evening...
And Merry Christmas in Advance...



The world awaits my arrival, it watches and marvel with such great enthusiasm.
what shall become of me? I asked.

Future sits in the fence; what the world of mine tomorrow shall be seem so cloudy- no clue of my ‘next’ falls within the scope of my brains and understanding; hope of betterness is slime but still I won’t stop my pulls;
I’ve got no idea of what being in the world shall be, I am nervous, strong, passionate but untapped and unmapped.

Your actions determines my life, as to whether mine success is feasible or not. Only you can tell whether I will succeed or fail. You’re my god.
I pray thee to gimme things needed for a life. Train me to be, yes! to be the best to the world and if possible, to be more than just a success.

I am a daughter and a son’s life longing for itself; I came through  you but alas I’m not for you only. I am the greatest gift from the Most High. His deeps of love placed me in your drawings and life.
Am in you give me your love not your thoughts alone, give me your mind to see not your eyes, things of joy to hold and cuddle with without shame. We can grow altogether alone by you, I believe in you too.

Your world becomes brighter and life becomes meaningful when you have me to love. You seem to straighten your crooks when you embrace me.
I got everything, be it wealth or riches, love or joy in abundance. I’m just too great and small to be done without. Am your god too.

Seek as many, power, success, position, fame they all will be but for now. Me, I profit.
I am interesting, I take away your whacks. I am the world you long to see I am your dream, and some call me CHANGE
Good Morning…
And Merry Christmas in Advance…

IyaΠuoluwa »&« HaΠΠaH

Your Importance

Make yourself of many importance to people. That’s how to be indispensable.
Water of all thing should be among the top listed things that has great indispensability; this is because it uses are so many.
If you think juice can do the work of water after food and so dispensable, then you will have to use the same-juice to wash your dishes…
Make yourself of many importance to people and then they won’t be able to stand days without you.
I hope you had a wonderful day
Good Evening…
And Merry Christmas in Advance…



Never stay a day with a failure but you can stay some seconds just to know how painful it is to fail

Make friends with your enemies but never joke with them; the friendship is just to mellow the effect of their anger

Never trust anyone but at least believe them to be fake as they really are

Never go a long way with a strange; few step is enough to draw conclusion(s) about anybody

Learn to walk regularly on mountains; and valleys will worth nothing to you

Never live your life without a backup; those that lack help hardly succeed

Run for them that claim to be powerful; other’s strength can go a long way in diminishing and even destroying your strength

Learn to run for those things that you really need to run for; boldness might equal foolishness in some case

Learn to know people before you mingle with them; wisdom will help you know how much they can be your friend

Work and live independently and helps that comes your way will only be a bonus

The Sustaining Factor

Like the breeze in the cool of the day it dawned on
me as I began to think lately, how despite the
hardship that seem to hold this swine occupied
world, some still make glow like the sun in the sky
I thought deep how, as dangerous as the world has
become, some still lived as though the world is ‘a
pile of ease’
Yet, still I wonder how some manage to stay longer
than the others despite the fact that fate never fall to
favour many.
But you know what?
The prophylaxis actions of men gave me answers
but I know there only is an Answer.
The course of the thinking of humanity gave me
clues to why things fall apart for some but qualmly,
I guess that would not be the point behind those
With the view of many, I now know that of a truth
there’s no accounting for taste. Why ignorance has
blissed humankind my brain can’t still curve out.
some said, the buoyant, the well to do folks that fill
world are those that were by far flair in their doings-
they are hardworking, but at least I know of vest
population that work night and day but yet their
rolling stone gather no moss.
Understanding they say is personal and that’s why
the ages’ school of thought never suit mine, I know
it’s not of the runner…
Another folk said ignorantly( as it occurred to me)
that the ‘spring’ bulk of people that seem to have
more numbers of days than other were people that
ever mind to the fullest understanding how careful
they really need to keep things moving and so they
deserve a ‘plate of long life dishes’ but those that
were far careful that yet died hastily gave me a
reason to give the second thought to that mind
catching view.
Words won’t stop, so we continue to sorvule
thoughts, still doing my lateral thinking and
ruminating about the mysteries that bounds the
world, the vest unrevealed world that surrounds us
someone made another( so to say) folly to me but
wise to the world point, a point that would not only
staunch my belief but might also take me too far
from the simple truth when he said the great men
are people that had built their ‘soft floors’ solely by
their industrious activities and wisdom but sanity
had never deprived me of the understanding of how
much that can’t be genuine.
I know at least that if these were to be ‘the space
giving point’ then some should probably have the
whole world as a space
Frankly as it doesn’t look, the fact that wounds
around men’s brilliant and ‘awe-carrying’ moves
were not things that by any means will enter the
scope of human’s understanding without God
They all that ‘have the say in them’ had something
that looks hidden than present, but remember no
cloud no rain- no grace no man
They had bigs behind their deals because of a fate
that fills them,
that factor- God-Grace which sustaineth
Paul a renown preacher of those days said in 1
corinthians 4:7
“for who maketh thee to differ another? and what
hast thou that didst not receive? now if thou didst
not it, why thou glory as if thou hast not received
So friends rather give thanks to God for His gifts He
had and is bestowing on you
The gathering of both the slimmest portion and the
mightiest part of your abilities and strength would
lead to a maximum of NOTHING, Never plan your
game without divine
– Ade’iyanu
(Edited by- ‘Nimisire)

Is God Actually God?

As to who God really is I truly want to know, I really feel like having a good reason why ages had failed to explain how, maybe God is just a common word.

What make Him special? I asked myself, can’t we curse Him, and be sure of, at least no reaction?

Why for goodness’ sake I need to be good I can’t answer if such question finds it way to me, for billions upon billions were them that showed wickedness in it raw and yet are often respected and nothing made them pay for it.

Maybe the fact that God is powerful are wrong conclusion about Him, maybe stories and histories affirming His strength were just cooked, good and possibly crooked write ups of the long gone ages, perhaps the fact that Darwin was trying to explain about the non-spontaneous existence of the universe were just the simple truth my sagacity cannot rightly judge.

“If of a truth God exist then I should find explanation to my conditions” you possibly had asked. You had probably at a time said any of the above words, why it occurred the way it did was a mind freezing and peradventure a hurting question that had succeeded in displacing your opinions about God Why the wicked blossom and God has done nothing you really want answer(s).

But now listen, Hear and open wide your mind, the fact that what the Bible say about God isn’t applying for you doesn’t mean God is not who He is. Maybe you have tried to find how God is omnipotent especially with this your case and you can’t find answers yet, my word for you today is that you should never give-in to satan, God is always around and will help. You really wished His strengths were there, you stayed for so long for His promises but it seem never to show up, all you need to do is just remember His words in Habakkuk 2:3 which says

“the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end [fulfillment]; it will not deceive or disappoint. Though it tarry, wait [earnestly] for it, because it will surely come; it will not be behindhand on its appointed day Though it may not look that now but still God is perfect in His ways and so He will ever be God every time _ Ade’iyanu

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